Who We Are

Black Trident TV is a small collection of individuals working to create video content that entertains, inspires thoughts, emotions and motivation.

The brainchild of host EJ Spurrell, Black Trident TV was initially designed to be a stand-alone project covering news and opinion in geek culture. But before the channel opened, it expanded to become an entire channel dedicated to providing opinion, exploration of controversial topics, entertainment and self-betterment.

For more information on the two current shows on the Black Trident TV roster, please refer to the pages for Trigger Warning and The Vita Effect.

EJ Spurrell

EJ was born in the Lower Mainland region of Vancouver, Canada in 1980. A true child of the 80’s, he was raised largely by television and media icons that don’t exist. From an early age, he discovered his love of storytelling, film, comics and video games. During his early years, he engaged in bettering his skills in regards to these pursuits, studying the art of storytelling from several different frameworks. By 2008, EJ published his first novel, Children of the Halo, to generally positive reviews.

EJ’s opinions tend to be considered controversial by many, but he contends that discussion of an issue, no matter how controversial it appears on the surface, is rarely controversial in itself. He holds some opinions that fall outside of the current paradigm, but is always open to discussion.

He is a single father, and currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia with his daughter.

Jon Wyatt

Jon is a gamer. Jon also needs to write up his bio.


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