The Future of Black Trident TV

So, on Friday morning I was met with a rather unique, but not wholly unexpected situation. In the process of attempting to fine-tune my PC… my motherboard melted.


Needless to say, it’s obvious that without a PC, further episodes of Trigger Warning and the various planned, but not-yet-implemented video projects, are going to be coming out with much less frequency.

Jon Wyatt, who has been instrumental in bringing episodes of Trigger Warning to YouTube has offered the use of his PC to produce further episodes of Trigger Warning, and I may take him up on the offer, but in the meantime, I realize that I cannot make any promises to that regard until such time as I manage to afford a new PC.

Now, the good news is that I already have many of the parts needed for a new video editing PC. I’ve got a high-end video card, a case, hard drives, and a 500 watt power supply. But I am lacking a motherboard, CPU units and RAM. As many of you know, I’m also a single father of a teenage girl who needs new glasses, which we’ve been having troubles affording. So as much as I would like to continue with Black Trident TV, there are more important things to be spending my money on. And well… that’s that.

I do plan on getting a new PC, preferably something high-end, but in the meantime I have to focus most of my earnings on my kid, as I’m sure many of you who have children can not only appreciate, but support wholeheartedly.

It was suggested to me by several people to apply for Hipster Welfare, and that is something I’m considering, but for me to be honest, I do find the whole process a little pretentious for people who are unable to offer something to backers. And as it stands, beyond making more videos, I don’t really have much to offer backers other than perhaps a free ebook of my first novel, Children of the Halo. So as it stands right now, I’m a little on the fence on the topic, although I am open to suggestions.

However, and as a result of this, I have decided that until such time as I can actually create videos, I am going to jump right back into writing. There are a number of issues, topics and events that I wish to talk about. There are a number of stories I would like to tell, and I’ve been sorely lacking in sating my creative urges over the past year or so.

And so, I invite you to subscribe to the blog, check out past videos and periodic updates on the YouTube Channel, yap with me over Twitter, or engage in the Black Trident TV community over on Facebook.

Until next time.