The Last Luminii: Prologue – Foundations 1

The Last Luminii: Lines of Dey’ta

“Magic, if it ever truly existed, faded into myth long ago. The old gods have been silent for millennia. But in the midst of a political coup by the Oculum, ancient forces once again begin to stir.”

It has been four thousand years since the betrayal. So long, in fact, that the forces of magic have long since bled out of those amongst the four races that survived the cataclysm and the myths have faded into legend.

But legend has no place in a land rife with political turmoil. In a rare time of peace, tensions are again starting to build. In the west, the Oculus church has a stranglehold over the Human Empire of Tannis Nor. In the north, the isolationist Lupar Dominion begins to send scouts across the Tangled Sea. To the east, the warring tribes of the Hundred Nations in the Great Span break a centuries-old pact, and set their sights of the City-State of Panacea. And to the south, the relatively Leonai Confederacy is threatening civil war.

Amidst this, The Last Luminii follows the paths of four people with no connections.

Ren, a young Leonai trained and educated by an old Human hermit, once a member of a powerful Order, must escape the village he grew up in after it is beset upon by the Aeturnis Vigil, the elite forces of the Oculus, the church of Legion and travel far to the northeast, across the Great Span desert to the great City-State of Panacea to find help.

Windy, a popular ‘Glamor Girl’ with one of the largest Sprees of the Great Span. She and her guardian, a Lupar Mutt named Grawe, decide to try their hand at thievery to find their way to a more comfortable life. But when they’re discovered by the warchief they stole from, they inadvertantly cause the breaking of a four-hundred-year pact between the warring tribes of the Hundred Nation.

Logan, A young noble from the Empire of Tannis Nor who is sent off with his Uncle on one of his ‘expeditions’ to the Strange Coast, a place rich with jungle ruins, wild and dangerous animals, and the Dai’ani. A strange, secluded race known for their brutality. But when his Uncle is the victim of an assassination, Logan is left to fend for himself, marooned with no way to return home. But when he begins to befriend some of the Dai’ani, he becomes the bearer of an ancient secret.

Miriam, a Sister of the White Wave. A nun of the Oculus, trained in medicine and treatment of disease, as well as stealth, espionage and assassinations who is assigned to a company of the Aeternus Vigil tasked to travel into the Leonai Confederacy to recover a wanted criminal, the very man who murdered her father. But when she finds him, he is nothing like what she expected.


Prologue: Foundations 1

The Legionis Codex is the Word and Law of Legion upon Averis. It is within its pages that the Foundations of the Oculum Legionis discovers its creation of the five races of man.

Legion’s Word is Hope.
Legion’s Word is Law.
Legion’s Word is Forever.


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