Trigger Warning

In everyday life, there are topics that tend to come up that tend to make some people uncomfortable. Some opinions are rejected out-of-hand simply because they concern a controversial topic. Some commonly-held beliefs are praised as the norm, and rarely subjected to scrutiny.

That’s where Trigger Warning comes in.

Trigger Warning is a show hosted by EJ Spurrell that explores said controversial topics, discusses alternate opinions and holds commonly-held beliefs to scrutiny. It’s the type of show that lives and dies by the notion that just because some people find it offensive, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discussed, or alternate viewpoints shouldn’t be heard.

Join EJ as he discusses and shares his opinion on a wide range of topics, from online social activism to societal mainstays, like feminism, video game culture, clickbait and more.

But stay warned. Some may find the content… Triggering.


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